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Maribumi Starchtech is the leading bio-compostable manufacturer in Malaysia that invests heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, involved in core activities centred in manufacturing 100% bio-compostable products since 2009. 

We are proud to have built a core group of people who are highly motivated and dependable researchers, innovators, marketers and production team specialise in developing innovative polymers of a new range of plant-based products while ensuring that our manufacturing process as well as the end products benefited to the environment that involves no harmful chemicals or catalysts. We also take a stepwise approach to enhance the value of our products through research, development, and design. 

As we grow, our objective is to persevere in offering eco-friendly alternatives that can challenge the dominance of conventional plastics, and ultimately substitute them completely whereby in the next decade, we may see Maribumi Starchtech bio-compostable products become part of our everyday live.

Brand Features

100% Compostable

100% Compostable

100% Renewable Resources

Plant-based Resources

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Environmental Care Pollution

Environmental Care Pollution

Plastic Pollution is a global emergency that has called us to save the planet!

We are confident that our compostable products will be a great alternatives to conventional plastics.

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