“We Care. Give Green A Chance”

Our Story

We Care. Give Green A Chance is our passion to deliver environmentally friendly solutions and competitive alternatives by aiming for the highest possible bio-based content in all of our products to support the sustainability of the planet. Today, we continue to launch new and innovative product solutions which tailored to customers’ needs. We take a collaborative approach to tackle the rampant consumption of plastics and pollution generated by improper disposal.

Our certified compostable raw material, bio-resin is derived from a natural plant-based that has met the critical requirements to comply with international and quality standards in helping to preserve the environment. We also ensure that the end cycle of our finished products has the environmental benefits as our raw material, bio-resin claims to have.

Our Mission

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to become an industry leader in fostering sustainable environment by producing 100% Compostable Products derived from natural resources that complies with International Standard in support to Zero-Plastic Waste initiative worldwide. We strive to promote environmentally friendly business practices at every stage of our product lifecycle, from research and development and production to customer use and disposal.

Plastic Bag Pollutions

Problems and Solutions

Globally, we produce an estimated 300 million tons of plastic every year and without doubt, plastic is really useful and we use it everyday. However, what happens after we throw it away will lead a big problem for our planet. The main problem with plastic is that most of it is not biodegradable and compostable, it does not rot like paper or food so instead, it can hang around in the environment for hundreds of years. 

Almost everything is made from plastic from drink bottles, tooth brush to your shopping bags. We are living on a plastic world. Have you ever thought how many plastic you have used on daily basis? Practically everything that comes today, is packed in plastic. Clearly plastic is everywhere you go, and 99% of most this plastic is produced using oil or gas. 

Every single piece of plastic that each of us has ever used will probably still be anywhere on this earth! Most plastics effortlessly take more than 100 years to breakdown. They often times end up in a landfill or usually incinerated which leads to air pollution. 

Yet, greener alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based plastics are hardly see application nowadays. Biodegradable and Compostable products were previously far more pricey than conventional plastic material until now. However, there are lots of groups trying to help tackle plastic pollution and cut the amount of plastic we use. Therefore, Maribumi Starchtech seek to take action on the global environmental problems of plastic pollution with innovative and cost- saving eco-friendly alternatives that contributes reducing the green house effect without harming the environment and animals.

Maribumi Starchtech invested heavily in sustainability throughout its business operation to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional plastics which have been harming the environment.

With cautious selection of raw materials that are renewable resources, we strive to leave a greener legacy by tackling plastic pollution as it is one of the larger environmental threats on our planet which can negatively impact the health of our communities, our environment and the animals.

We are poised to capitalize in increasing environmental consciousness and promoting sustainability in the use of natural plant-based or type of resources. With the on going banned on non-biodegradable and non-compostable plastics, our products shall serve as alternatives to other plastic replacements.

Maribumi Starchtech,

moving towards zero single-use plastic.

the vision of eradicating killer plastic for next generation.

We are a group of people endeavors to make a difference with our bio-compostable products so we believe that our products are able to contribute to the sustainability of the planet for our current and future generations by offering alternative options to petroleum-based plastics.

At Maribumi Starchtech, moving towards zero single-use plastics are made possible by pushing the limits for better, greener and sustainable standards of living with a proper awareness, education and continuous effort in promoting the availability of eco-friendly alternatives.

We are also supporting Malaysia’s Roadmap towards’ Zero Plastics to achieve its goal towards cleaner and greener earth by 2030.

Maribumi Starchtech’s products contributes towards reducing the greenhouse effect and acid precipitation. Thanks to the natural and renewable components of the raw material by our supported suppliers, it has a significantly less adverse impact on the environment than other products.

Maribumi Starchtech brings together expertise and a commitment to the vision of eradicating killer plastic for next generation.

Our Goals

Our Goals

We believe that through little action, dedication and active participation of various stakeholders, the success of Malaysia’s roadmap to Zero Plastics will be made possible towards sustainable future.

Continuously developing innovative solution by looking into different alternatives in order to create sustainable future for a cleaner and healthier environment for our country by 2030, as well as for our mother earth.

To beat plastic pollution and raise public awareness about the harm caused by non-biodegradable and non-compostable plastics.

With our involvement in campaigns as well as the support from active environmental communities, we believe that our compostable products to have widespread use among us to next generation.

Strive to support our country to be a fully developed nation, our environmental protection should be balanced with our economic to
ensure sustainability and societal wellbeing

We Care. Give Green A Chance.

Widespread uptake of Maribumi Starchtech compostable products
nationwide replacing conventional plastics by exclusively seeking and offering alternatives which supported by government and NGOs.